Requirement to drive a Trailer Unit from a Tractor Unit to give a wheel drive on an articulated vehicle.

Problem with this type of application is that as the drive is taken over the hinge point the slip and joint angles have to be high enough to cope.

We supplied a 45 degree working angled shaft that had slip movement of 800mm.
These are now running successfully.


Mine Hunters for US Navy required a driveshaft with the following features

Non - magnetic
25000 hours life
to allow axial and lateral movement
To withstand shock loading of a mine explosion and still take the Mine-Hunters home
To run quietly beyond its operating life

What non-magnetic material could be used that would give us the strength required to cope with all of the requirements and acceptable to US Navy?

Aluminium Bronze, Short Coupled Driveshafts were manufactured from solid forgings. The first Mine-Hunter has now been in service since January 1998 without any problems, the Navy are delighted.


To run a drive shaft through a fireproof wall and retain the integrity of the enclosure. Operation of the driveshaft to be oil based services on and offshore.

How to keep an airtight seal while allowing the driveshaft to transmit full power through the wall of the enclosure.

Utilise a sealed flange mounted self - aligning bearing on the wall of the enclosure. This also gives support to the driveshaft. We now have several of these units operating in the field.

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